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Cracked nail? Thin nails? Manicure needed? These Fira Fixers are here to help you solve just those problems and more! Take a look at what we have to make your nails stand out and be beautiful!

Calcium Basecoat

Price: $4.99

Helps strengthen nails with calcium that they need to grow. Great as a base coat or use alone for a shiny natural look.

Fast Dry Manicure

Price: $4.99

Apply on freshly manicured nails to instantly set color. Quick drying formula helps protect nails from chips, splits and breaks.

Miracle Nail Fix

Price: $4.99

No more fumbling with messy glues that dry thick and clumpy. Simply brush on for a smooth and shiny finish.Brush on over split, chips or breaks.

One Step Manicure

Price: $4.99

One Bottle Does it All! One Step is a base coat, top coat and nail strengthner. All in one bottle! Great on polished or unpolished nails. Time and money saver.

Stop Nail Biting

Price: $6.00

Want longer nails? This unique, safe brush on formula makes it easy. Simply apply to nails, then when you bite your nails you are rewarded with an unpleasant taste. Apply as often as needed.